Ending the Drupal cycle

ricardo galvez

So today I begin the odyssey of updating this drupal site and all its modules and database, getting it straight with version control via repo and then migrating it to Hugo! woo. I'll say this is already a cluster jam of frustrations. From ssh problems with the host to bitbucket keys to supposed missing modules! Now MAMP is screwing the pooch so running locally is turning out to be the next pain point... I can see this will be a days long process at best. So Here we go. Getting MAMP to run locally:

  • First just copy the htdocs folder somewhere else and delete the MAMP install and start fresh. Nothing like a big delete!
  • Wow. So its much later... the day after actually, and I've managed to do a few things:
  • get the local on MAMP going
  • got over a bunch of .git and drush and ssh hurdles. though issues still remail.
  • finally updated the code base (except Colorbox) I dont have it in me.
  • I can now push and pull from a local repository to bitbucket and pull into the "production" environment via ssh...
  • probalby something I'm forgetting
  • now start figuring our how to port the site to Hugo...
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