A new years resolution of sorts

ricardo galvez

So, I like to consider my birthday as kind of personal new year, and so its fun to make resolutions. I have a HUGE list of things I'd like to get through, this year and well into the next 10...

<--break->I have some ambitions about learning and having a much stronger relationship w/ javaScript. I've been working on ignoring and pretending I can get by without for years now. But the time has come, and I'd like to expand my creative endeavors digitally, and JS is going to be instrumental. To that end,  I'd like to learn Processing as well as it it is designed for artists to create with code. I am about 1/2 way through a set of vanilla JS tutorials created by Wes Bos. These have been tremendously accessible and decidedly not boring. There are a couple ways I want to track progress, but it essentially will center around my github account and this blog. Presently I contribute to github repos that are work related, but I plan on putting my tutorial works there as well as any artistic explorations.

I want get through this mountain of books I have. Some sci-fi, many non-fiction tech stuff in the form of O'Reilly books (more JS & SVG here). I'm going to finish Don Norman's The Design of Everyday Things if it kills me (I'm 3/4's of the way through.) I'll probably create a separate post or append this article at some point w/ that list of books and possibly relate any insights I might have.

I bought a Shapeoko 3 around this time last year, finding time to learn, work and create with it can be challenging to say the least, I've been able to utilize it for projects around the house so there is that. My business partner and I have been working towards setting up a business where we design useful products, fabricate them ourselves. As it stands now we've got lots of ideas and a roadmap of sorts, the next step is to finish charting the next year, and get down and get our hands dirty. Many of these ideas needs prototyping in some form to see them to ever see the light of day, again, this is ambitious and a little daunting. We've named our company Notch. For now this pointing at the Instagram site, but eventually we'll have a functional Shopify page where we can sell our products.

I am slowly getting better at Fusion360 but I'd like that to go faster, the programming education has take the front seat of my attentions but in order to get Notch off the ground, getting some solid skills in this arena is critical. To be honest learning this kind of application comes more naturally for me than coding, so there is a bit more instant gratification there, but Fusion isnt the CAD I had in highschool.

To keep a direct hand in day to day making, and to maintain a kind of creative momentum, I'll also be working more on my more “traditional” works many of which you can see on my Instagram feed. Mostly that work consists of brush-pen calligraphy. Whether or not it gets surfaced on Intsta, is another thing. To be honest, I'd like to keep my work out of the hands of large companies who only stand to profit from my creativity, so presenting in that forum may taper off.

I like to think all this work will come together in the form of increased programming skills, more productivity and well rounded if not very diverse body of work. To what end? I don't know exactly, but I plan on finding out, and I plan on recording my journey in a more via this blog.