Panaderia Vol.1

ricardo galvez

Years ago my pal Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta fame  and I were employed as bread bakers in Albuquerque New Mexico at Fred's Bread and Bagel. Well, we're at it again. Two words High Hydration...

During that time we were young and slightly distracted and weren't too concerned with the science and satisfaction of creating a delicious loaf of bread or baguette. In the years since, I've baked bread a few times but never really had an opportunity to master any given technique or process. Those days are over.

We have resurrected that tradition using the Tartine method of high hydration doughs. Well, Mike started it and turned me on to Chad Robertson's great book. The attached images are from my first go at using the basic country loaf from the Tartine book. I am planning on making this a weekly tradition alongside my home brewing experiments with better documentation of my process.

image of a loaf of bread