Ricardo Eric Galvez

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ricardo galvez
I have been living and working in New York City since 2005. I am originally from Albuquerque New Mexico. I have a wife, two cats and an old house that needs lots of work. lots. We live in Brooklyn on a street with trees. I cook, bake, garden and brew my own beer (when I'm not working on the house.) I am very much interested in the web and technology in general, especially the "Internet of Things". I skateboard and practice Muay Thai kick boxing, these activities help keep me healthy in mind and spirit. 
I work for PBS at Channel THIRTEEN here in NYC. I have over 15 years of experience designing in analog and digital spaces.
Recent Professional Accomplishments
WNET/THIRTEEN, New York Public Television (PBS), New York, NY
2009 - Present
Web and Multimedia Design
Lead role in creating and delivering unique design aesthetics for a range of national PBS programs and series including NATURE, American Masters, Shakespeare Uncovered, Finding Your Roots, NJTV News and Orchestra of Exiles. Experience working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to solve design and technical problems. 
Responsive Design & Content Strategy
Integral role in applying responsive design principles and content strategies to web-­based projects to increase audience engagement and reach. Work with senior members of the team to establish design methodologies and aesthetics for tablet and mobile spaces for THIRTEEN, WLIW21 & NJTV television stations.
User Interface Design
Lead interface designer for THIRTEEN Explore, an on-­demand content delivery application which has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Worked closely with the design and development teams on all mobile projects including NYCArts, MetroFocus iPhone & iPad applications.
Design Concepting and Branding
Principal collaborator who established the look and feel for the PBS Digital Studios series DIORAMA. Created on screen graphics, illustrations and logo treatments.
WireFraming and Prototyping 
User Interface, Experience and graphic designer for new NJTV News daily news program. Excelled in “Agile” team structure designing & building a complex news site from ideation through wireframing, prototyping and final design. Developed scenarios for mobile, tablet & desktop usage as well look and feel for site.
Freelance Projects 2009 - Present
Pinch Food Design [pinchfooddesign.com]: New York: Design & Development, Drupal
Huckleberry Bar [huckleberrybar.com]: Brooklyn: Design & development, Drupal
Luis Urrea [luisurrea.com]: Design & Development, Drupal
Outcast Films: Print Design, "Sex in an Epidemic" Creative Direction & Design,  "Riot Acts" Creative Direction & Design , Website Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
Earned BFA University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Earned Offset Printing Press Operator's Certificate Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM